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  • How much is it to hire a kayak or paddleboard?
    Paddleboards are £10 per hour Single Kayaks are £10 per hour Double kayak are £20 per hour
  • Do I need to leave a deposit?
    No. You pay for your hire and that's it.
  • Can I just to turn up or do I need to book?
    There is no need to book but during busy times it is adviseable. As we never know what the weather is doing. Bookings can only be taken one day in advance. Bookings can be made by calling 01297 443373
  • Where can we go?
    The kayaks and paddleboards operate within a designated area. Before you take out your kayak or paddleboard you will have a short briefing which will include the area you must stay within. Please do not go out of this area as it means one of our staff will have to get in a kayak to call you back. This means they are then not able to keep an eye on other customers who may need their help.
  • Can children go out on the kayaks and paddleboards?
    Yes. Kayak hire is available for persons of 8 years and over that can swim a minimum of 100 metres but they must be accompanied by a person over of 16 or over that can also swim at least 100 metres. Paddleboard hire is only for over 16's and are able to swim at least 100 metres.
  • Do you need to have expeience?
    No. Our boards are pefect for novices and you will be given a briefing on how to use them prior to getting out on the water.
  • Do you provide life jackets?
    Yes. We have buoyancy aids of all different sizes available and are included in the price of hire.
  • What should I wear?
    Wear something you don't mind getting wet in. Even if you don't fall off, you will get a wet bum and splashes of water from the paddles etc. Your clothing should be something you can comfortably swim in. If it's hot, it's also worth wearing a hat as the water can enchance the suns rays.
  • Do you have anywhere we can get changed?
    Yes. You can get changed in the kayak hut which is completely private.
  • Is there anywhere I can leave my bag?
    You are welcome to leave you bags in the kayak hut but it is at your own risk as people do use the hut to get changed in.
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